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14 Things You Can Do on Valentine’s Day Without a Valentine

1. Cook a nice meal

Use this opportunity to make a nice dish for you or your roommates. Be daring and look up a new recipe, or stick to something you’re familiar with (author’s note: do NOT microwave easy mac without water!)

2. Sit on the couch

Become fully self-actualized by sitting on the couch doing nothing, become familiar with your thoughts, and enjoy your alone time.

3. Do your homework

This one is a bit tricky without a Valentine, but I believe you can do it.

4. Put your coat on

If it is cold and you are about to go outside, consider putting your coat on. I like to have someone else zip it up for me, but any stranger will do—no Valentine necessary.

5. Talk about your Fitbit

All your friends are dying to know how many steps you’ve taken today.

6. Throw something

If you throw a ball, it’s considered a “sport” and not “acts of unnecessary aggression, Leigh”.

7. Charge your phone

If you don’t, it will die.

8. Turn off your thermostat

By turning off your thermostat, you will save thousands of dollars on utilities. It is so important to save money, and equally important that the regulated temperature indoors is as cold as your heart.

9. Tie your shoes

This activity is commonly done with two people, but believe it or not, you can accomplish it solo! Be sure to double-knot them so you don’t accidentally trip and fall in love.

10. Switch the lights off

I love doing this one!

11. Feed your dog

He looks hungry. If you don’t have a dog… 

12. Get a dog! 

Any stray will do.

13. Become aware of the evils of capitalism

But eat that McFlurry anyway because you deserve it.

14. Attend a UPB event

From movies to comedians to late night eats, there’s never a dull night. Check out what UPB is doing tonight by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Myspace, Netflix, Microsoft Word.


Written by Spirit and Traditions member Leigh Harmer

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