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David Koechner’s Most Memorable Roles

David Koechner. A name you may not recall, but a face you definitely remember! Take a scroll through the top 6 roles he’s played in the past. I bet you’ll remember that charming smile and distinct voice. 


6. Cast Member, Saturday Night Live

David Koechner on SNL (Season 2, Episode 10)

In the years of ’95 and ’96, David spent as a returning member on Saturday Night Live (SNL). While he was only on the show for a handful of sketches, every time you eat a T-bone or even hear it spoken, his picture should come to mind.


5. American Dad!

Voice of Dick Reynolds from 2008-present

In 2008, David started to voice the character on American Dad! who plays Stan’s co-worker at the CIA. He continues to be a recurring character throughout the show.


4. Hannah Montana


Uncle Earl from the episode (We’re So Sorry) Uncle Earl

Good ole Uncle Earl on Hannah Montana is one of David’s most memorable roles. We all were so sorry to say bye to Uncle Earl when the show ended back in 2011, but his presence will never be forgotten and neither will his dance moves to Nobody’s Perfect.


3. The Goldbergs


Bill Lewis in episode Bill/Murry


On The Goldbergs, David plays the single father of Lainey Lewis, Bill Lewis. Lainey is played by Disney Channel star AJ Michalka. (*GASP* You mean the one and only AJ to one of the best pop Disney duos Aly & AJ?!) In this episode of The Goldbergs, Murry (Jeff Garlin) bonds with Bill and discovers what it’s like to be a true friend! 


2. The Office

Todd Packer, a reoccurring character in the 9 seasons 

TODD PACKER, Packman, Packster, Pack Attack. Fans of the show, The Office, could never forget his role as the boisterous outside sales representative of Dundler Mifflin.

1. Anchorman

Champ Kind, Anchorman & Anchorman 2

WHAMMY! Perhaps his most memorable role to date- the cowboy in Anchorman.


Come see the many different sides of this hilarious actor and comedian for A Night with David Koechner! On Thursday, February 18th, at 8p in Wilson Hall.                            Tickets can be bought at the following link: http://bit.ly/1hRJSev


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