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A Personal Take on an American Horror Story Season Theme

American Horror Story: Sandman/Wonderland/Dreamers

The idea here is to delve into the realm of dreams and nightmares. And not wholly Nightmare on Elm Street territory, though Murphy is free to go there if he wants to. Here’s what I’m thinking: Fairies.

Why? Well, Fairies in the old lore weren’t so much Tinker Bell as they were like housecats with the destructive capability to literally shatter your mind. See, Fairies comes from the name “Fair Folk.” They were called so because, while some of them were very pretty and fair, the people back then didn’t want to call them anything bad because they didn’t want to piss Fairies off. If they did, Fairies would work their magic to smash things, bring roofs down atop a family’s heads, spoil food and drink, plague their vision with terrible sights, and even steal their souls away. Plus, these Fair Folk lived in an environment that wasn’t safe for any mortal to live in. Two examples would be 1) if you ate the food, you’d either be trapped in Fairy Land forever or lose all desire for human food and you’d eventually starve to death, and 2) if you happened to look into a mirror made in that Land, your soul would be sucked into in an instant and you’d die if it shattered.

Oh, and they had a habit of stealing away human babies and replacing them with one of their own babies. It was called a Changeling. How did they behave? Remember that little girl from Asylum? The near emotionless one that killed her playmate and mother? That’s how those Changelings usually behaved if they lived to be older than five. Only, they can bypass locked doors, they can read your mind, and they can call their real mommy and daddy if they’re in trouble.

Inspiration: Guillermo del Toro, Fairy Folklore, and Neil Gaiman


Written by Film Committee Member Michael Shipley

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