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Kayne: Flip or Flop?

Kanye West plans to release his 7th studio album on February 11th. The album has undergone several name changes ranging from “So Help Me God,” to “SWISH,” to “Waves”.  The album’s latest name change has been hinted by the singer himself with the initials “TLOP,” but he hasn’t officially released the title. West has taken to Twitter, saying that if anybody can guess the name they’ll get free “Yeezy” shoes. With the indecisiveness of what he actually wants to call the album, it seems that also remains constant with the sonic element.

When asked what listeners could expect from the album, Kanye claimed, “ultra light beams.” Still unclear? A more realistic depiction of the album was painted when he stated; “This is a gospel album with a whole lot of cursing on it.” Sounds like a review my grandmother might have given, but this is Kanye West, a multi Grammy winning and highly decorated artist. The guy who brought us the extraordinary albums “College Dropout,” “Graduation,” and “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” But also the same person who gave us the ‘what on earth are you thinking’ “Yeezus” and “808’s & Heartbreaks” albums.

So what should we really expect? Which Kanye will show up this time around? West himself claims that this will be “ONE of the greatest albums of all time,” after previously restating his assertion that ‘TLOP’ would be “THE greatest album of all time”. West pays homage to artists 50 cent, Jay Z, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and several others to support his retraction. Let’s assume for a second that he really does put out a magnificent album; let’s even say ‘generation-defining.’ Now we’re talking like Kanye really does belong among those names listed above; that’s how important his contribution to the hip-hop genre has been.

But what if it tanks? Well let’s reassess on February 11th, tomorrow. As hard of a person Kanye can be to cheer for, I hope whatever ultra light beams make up ‘TLOP,’ are brilliant.

Written by Center Stage Committee Member Bryce Pangman

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