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The Best Places to Brunch in Harrisonburg

1. Food.Bar.Food

Brunch at Food.Bar.Food found on Yelp!

Located in downtown Harrisonburg, Food.Bar.Food specializes in global comfort food. They offer American breakfast favorites with ethnic twists, you’ll be sure to love. This is surely a spot for foodies, and people who like to explore new flavors.

2. Billy Jack’s

Brunch at Billy Jack’s found on Yelp!

A Harrisonburg staple, Billy Jack’s is famous for their great burgers and sliders. Keeping with tradition, they have adjusted their sliders for brunch. If you’re not all about the sliders, they have a variety of classic American breakfast choices to get your day going. For those 21 and over, be sure to check out BJ’s Bloody Mary.


3. The Golden Pony

Brunch at the Golden Pony found on their official website

A bit of a lesser-known brunch spot, the Golden Pony will not disappoint. Their brunch menu is larger than most places, featuring salads, sandwiches, and burgers in addition to breakfast picks. The Golden Pony is a great choice if you and your friends can’t decide between breakfast and lunch.


4. The Artful Dodger

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.36.51 PM.png
Brunch at the Dodger found on their official Instagram account @artfuldodgerlounge

The Artful Dodger labels themselves a coffeehouse & cocktail lounge, if that doesn’t scream “we have it all” then I don’t know what does. This place really does it all, from great coffee, to drag shows and concerts, to crazy cheap happy hour specials, to great food. The Artful Dodger’s brunch menu surely follows suit. This is another one with a large menu, and a fun and cozy atmosphere.


5. E-Hall

Brunch at E-Hall found on

Let’s not forget the most important brunch spot for JMU students. E-Hall is not just for on-campus dwellers, and if you live off campus and haven’t been in a while it is certainly worth the trip. JMU is ranked the #6 College in the nation for best food. This is big. E-Hall offers great options for breakfast, lunch, and dessert all at the same time, and has options for those with dietary needs. So take advantage of JMU’s good food while you have the chance, and grab and apple or banana on the way out, just because you can.


6. Late Night Breakfast

Late Night Breakfast in Hollywood found on UPB’s official Facebook page

The final place you should catch brunch at is UPB’s Late Night Breakfast! Who doesn’t love a midnight snack that consists of tater tots and bacon? Every second Thursday of each month, head over to Festival from 10p-12a fro a FREE breakfast, no punch required! Have a blast by dancing to your favorite songs, jumpin’ around in an inflatable or making a craft for your BFF. While you’re there, you can check out other awesome events UPB puts on along with LNB!

Written by Spirit and Traditions Committee Member Alex Fairchild


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