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Important Concert Etiquette

It’s almost concert season, which means many of you will be traveling for shows and jamming out with other experienced concert goers as you all enjoy a marvelous show to the fullest, or at least try to.

In recent years, concerts and festivals have gained a large and continuously growing following, which is amazing for up and coming artists and festivals looking to get a jump start. However, many advertisements can be found on Facebook and even during television commercials, reeling in customers that are not concert regulars, nor aware of show etiquette. Now of course every concert is it’s own experience, and everyone enjoys the performance in different ways, but I want to talk about some actions deemed unacceptable at shows that is becoming a problem as attendance grows.

A continuous issue is what I’ll call “crowd cutters”. These are the people that arrive to a show after the performer has already started and pushes all the way through the crowd to reach the front. Now see, we all want to be close to the artist, but pushing everyone out of your way angers the crowd, bringing bad vibes to the once happy scene. If you want to be at the front, show up early when the doors open! I will also just say that no matter where in the crowd you are located, you are going to have a good time if you just let yourself enjoy the music and the moment. The crowd is a fluid moving body, don’t think you have to stick to one spot or that one place is better than another.

A problem seen at outdoor festivals is too much crowd surfing. Yes, it’s so much fun and everyone should experience it at some point, but know when it’s time to dance on your feet. We cannot all surf at one time either, so if you are going to jump on top, at least take a look around first to make sure it is still somewhat safe.

The biggest takeaway from all this is to please just be mindful at concerts. Do not be afraid to have fun but make sure you aren’t harshing someone else’s experience to heighten yours.

Written by Spotlight Sounds Committee Member Ally Engelbrecht



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