From Side Stage to World Stage: Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

Last year as Misterwives left the Main Stage at Madipalooza, people began turning to leave and check out the rest of the festival until they heard the wall of sound that was Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown. Those who were on their way out immediately turned back and crowded the Side Stage as Tyler Bryant tore through guitar solos all while diving off the stage and climbing the speaker towers. While all of this was happening, his soon to be fans were asking each other “who are these guys?!” Most people knew by the end of the set, but for those of you who are still wondering…

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown are a rock band out of Nashville, TN. Tyler Bryant is an up and coming guitar player known for his virtuosity of his Fender Stratocaster as well as his unique voice. He has toured and opened for Jeff Beck and ZZ Top as a solo artist but he really shines when he joins forces with the rest of the Shakedown. With Graham Whitford (son of Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford) on guitar, Caleb Crosby on drums, and Noah Denney on bass, this band creates a tight sound that seamlessly blends blues and hard rock.

Since performing at Madipalooza last year, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown has released an excellent EP titled ‘The Wayside’ that has since become a staple on every playlist I make. They are also currently on tour with rock legends, AC/DC, and were just announced to be continuing this tour across the Atlantic Ocean to support AC/DC in Europe!

UPB is excited to be working with the Madipalooza committee again this year to provide excellent music selections for this year’s festival. Follow Madipalooza on social media for updates on this year’s festival, and follow UPB for updates on events all school year!

Check out these awesome websites about Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown and UPB at the following links:




Written by Center Stage Committee Member Eric Sites

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