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University Program Bat

We’ve all heard the stories of the Grafton Ghost. You may choose not to believe. You may have felt a slight chill on your neck that you attributed to the heartfelt “okay”s in The Fault in Our Stars or maybe when we learned to feel out all our emotions in the animated tearjerker “Inside Out”. Maybe we don’t believe in the supernatural and the most frightening thing to us is realizing we have no dining while in line at Dunkin during finals week or waking up to 30 missed emails from Kathy White of the Packsaddle Ridge Golf Club, a recurring nightmare of mine. You can doubt the presence of the Grafton Ghost all you want, but there is no doubting the presence of the UPBat. December 11th, 2015 UPB tweeted “Tonight, there sadly will not be any movies showing due to a bat in Grafton. Yes, we are being completely serious.” After a twitter poll was administered, the bat was affectionately named Eugene. He reappeared on UPB’s twitter feed January 27th. “Eugene is back you guys…” While there have been no UPBat tweets since, one projectionist can attest that she has seen the bat and believes it to be fluttering around Madison Union somewhere.

Written by Film Committee Member Jenna Stone

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