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32 Things You Never Knew About The Breakfast Club

Thursday March 24th, 2016 will mark 32 years since the famous gang of five strangers-turned-friends met in detention at Shermer High School. In honor of the film, we’ve collected 32 facts you might not have known about The Breakfast Club. 

  1. The high school that The Breakfast Club was filmed at was the same high school where Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed.

  2. The studio converted the school’s gymnasium into the library.

  3. Like other movies from director John Hughes, such as Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink, and National Lampoon’s Vacation, The Breakfast Club is set in the fictional Chicago suburb of Shermer, Illinois.

  4. It took John Hughes only two days to write a draft of the screenplay.

  5. The film was shot entirely in sequence.

  6. Ally Sheedy, who plays Allison, suggested the David Bowie quote that appears at the beginning of the film to Hughes.

  7. Judd Nelson, who plays Bender, was 26 at the time of filming.

  8. Michael Anthony Hall and Molly Ringwald, who played Brian and Claire, were 16 at the time of filming.

  9. Molly Ringwald was originally cast to play Allison (Ally Sheedy), but she fought to play the role of Claire.

  10. Working titles for “The Breakfast Club” included “The Lunch Bunch” and “Library Revolution”.

  11. The pot smoked in the film is actually oregano.

  12. Each actor took home a piece of the “library’s” banister as a souvenir of the filming.

  13. The character of Claire was originally named Cathy.

  14. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds was written specifically for the movie and was the band’s only number one hit.

  15. During down time on set, Judd Nelson would practice with the high school’s football team.

  16. Laura Dern, Robin Wright, and Jodie Foster all auditioned for the role of Claire, but ultimately lost it to Molly Ringwald.

  17. Judd Nelson improvised the most iconic frame of the movie… his fist-pump as he’s walking off the football field.

  18. The film’s heart to heart scene, where all five students share their secrets, was ad-libbed.

  19. Emilio Estevez, who played Andrew, was originally slated to play Bender but the director couldn’t find anyone who was right for the Andrew role. So Estevez played Andrew and the role of Bender went to Judd Nelson.

  20. Judd Nelson constantly picked on Molly Ringwald when they weren’t shooting. This almost led to him being fired.

  21. Allison’s “dandruff”, which she sprinkles over her drawing to “make it snow”, was said to be Parmesan cheese, but the actress later set the record straight and noted that the “dandruff” was potato flakes.

  22. Ally Sheedy’s first line is 33minutes into the movie.

  23. Claire’s entire outfit was purchased from Ralph Lauren.

  24. At one point, Hughes wanted to film a sequel every ten years to catch up with the characters.

  25. As a student, Carl the janitor was Shermer High’s “Man of the Year”.

  26. Judd Nelson says he came to audition for the role of Bender in character, and that he was called in to read just as he was getting “a little rambunctious in the waiting room,” causing a receptionist to call security.

  27. Ally Sheedy’s (Allison) nickname for Anthony Michael Hall (Brian) on set was “Milk and Cookies”.

  28. Anthony Michael Hall’s actual mother and sister cameo in the beginning of the film as his character’s mother and sister.

  29. Director John Hughes cameos as Brian’s father in the film at the end of the film.

  30. The actors were sent to a local high school as undercover students to see what high schools were like during that time. Judd Nelson even got sent to the principal’s office for being late to class because he couldn’t find his classroom.

  31. Director John Hughes insisted that the cast and crew eat all their lunches in the school cafeteria.

  32. UPB is bringing the Breakfast Club to Late Night Breakfast on Thursday, March 24th from 10-12p in Festival. Join us for free food, giveaways, music, and more!

Written by Spirit and Traditions Committee Member Katelyn Weeks
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Thoughts You Have When Going to a Petting Zoo

Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves small animals. This is dedicated to anyone who has ever been surrounded by many a small animal.

1. Is that a llama? No? Then… is it an alpaca? Oh, no I totally knew that was a Vicuña because those are totally abundant in Virginia.



2. That goat is my entire life.



3. I don’t want to know what kind of poop I just stepped in. No. Stop. Don’t tell me.


4. I’m not crying, you are.



5. I can’t believe you have the audacity to come here after you had bacon this morning. Heathen.


6. It’s staring into my soul with its little bunny eyes. Look, look it’s staring at me. Becky, Becky, look. It’s looking at me.



7. This isn’t real. Is this real? It’s so soft. Soft like an angel. So soft.


8. I’m so aggressive right now and it absolutely has everything to do with that little pig bouncing around.





10. I wonder if the kangaroo can differentiate between Australian accents and American accents. 


11. I hate myself. 


12. I feel like I had something to do today but those small cows are pretty much begging me not to leave.



Written In Honor of JMZoo on Thursday, March 31st by Special Events Committee Member Hayley Verdeyen



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What is the best amusement park in the United States?

Amusement parks have become huge tourist attractions over the past several years. There are more than 400 amusement parks and attractions in the US, so we asked UPB members what their favorites are. Here is a definitive ranking of UPB member’s favorite parks and rides!

7. Lake Compounce (Bristol, CT)


This local favorite will not disappoint! If you’re ever in Connecticut make sure you stop by and check out the awesome wooden coaster, Boulder Dash!


6. Hollywood Studios (Orlando, FL)


Check out some of UPB member’s favorites, Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster!


5. Hershey Park (Hershey, PA)


There is something sweet for everyone at this world famous amusement park!


4. Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom (Allentown, PA)


Some may call this the hidden charm of Pennsylvania. A few of the notable crowd favorite rides are Steel Force, Talon, and Hydra!


3. Busch Gardens (Williamsburg, VA)


Stop by Busch Gardens to take a dive on Griffon!


2. Six Flags (Jackson, NJ)


Six Flags, New Jersey, is home of the world’s tallest roller coaster, Kingda Ka!


1. Kings Dominion (Doswell, Virginia)


Topping the charts is Kings Dominion! Some of its famous attractions are Volcano and The Dominator. UPB’s Bus Trip is headed to this awesome park on Saturday 3/26!


Written by Special Events Committee Chair Casey Ryan