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The Up-And-Coming Band

After performing multiple house shows around the area and opening up for Sun Club at the Spotlight series February show, Harrisonburg’s local dream-pop shoegaze group, Caulfield, is finally getting its turn in the limelight. Caulfield gave a stellar performance at the Rumble Down Under battle of the bands, in which they were voted best band. This helped them to finally catch public attention. Because of their victory, they now will be showcasing their talent at Madipalooza, a one-day music festival held at James Madison University (JMU), that was held yesterday. With hundreds of attendees and amazing past headliners such as Misterwives and Strong Water, this was an amazing venue for Caulfield.

Caulfield is made of four JMU students: Troy Gamboa, Nathan Johnson, Cole Roberts, and Jonny Weiss. Before Caulfield was truly born Troy, Nathan, and Cole would play guitar together on the Festival lawn. Soon, Troy realized they could make something tremendous and asked around JMU for a drummer, which is when Jonny was inducted to the little four member family.  Originally the boys were just excited to call themselves a band and looked forward to play at nearby house shows, but once they realized Caulfield’s potential they started growing their network and reached out to Ur Häus, a recording company that Nathan’s brother helps run.  In February 2016, after only being together for six months, Caulfield released their first EP; with five catchy songs this EP as a huge hit at MadiPalooza.

“Caulfield EP” starts off slow paced with chords followed by a simple echoing guitar melody and then transitions into a dreamy rock vibe with the song Smile. However, in paying more attention to lyrics you hear the cries for help, that it is less a dream and more a rude awakening with a forced smile. Then comes Marina, an enchanting tune that beckons for more with it’s majestic vocals and fading drums. A second transition, Pareidolia, moves the EP in a different direction starting out with synth notes that sound like they shouldn’t fit but somehow paired with drums and guitar, it all mixes perfectly. The EP wraps up with Can She Bloom, reminding the listener of love through caring vocals and light guitar but also having an afterthought of what pain remains with loud drum beats.

Since winning Rumble Down Under, Caulfield has had the opportunity to work with Blue Sprocket to record more good noise for their continuously growing fan base, which was founded the day they released their EP by Brazilian friend Savio Lopes. In addition to Madipalooza, Caulfield has been invited to play at other college music festivals, including Bonnie-roo at Radford. If you missed them at Madipalooza yesterday, you can find Caulfield on Facebook and listen on bandcamp!

Written by Spotlight Sounds Committee Member Ally Engelbrecht

Top 10 Tips for Relationships

  1. “It’s fine” means it’s definitely not fine

Enough said.

  1. Always be honest

If there’s not honesty 100% of the time, then there’s no full trust in each other. Trust is essential to a strong foundation and relationship.

  1. Don’t spend every minute together

You need a life outside of them because if you put all your eggs in their basket, you’re screwed socially. Don’t neglect your friends!

  1. Be friends with each other’s friends

I mean, you’re most likely not going to like ALL of your partners’ friends but it may help you in the long run to just be friendly with them.

  1. Start weekly traditions.

By setting aside a day/time once a week to do something together! Try new things like roller blading or Kline’s dates?

  1. Talk it out

If you have an issue, bring it up in a calm manner. Don’t blow up at them because that leads to you both getting heated and not ending well.

  1. Don’t try too hard

If you have to try and spice it up all the time, then something is definitely missing.

  1. Be comfortable around each other.

This might take a time for a new relationship, but for a more established one you should feel at ease around them by being your true self. If you can’t handle hanging out with each other in sweats, some reevaluating would do you well.

  1. Compromise, compromise, compromise

Now, I am not saying give up everything that you love for the other but compromising is a key component for any relationship. Having that equal sacrifice between the two of you will make you appreciate the other person so much more.

  1. Be yourself

Never change your personality and quirks for another person because you will end up resenting the other person.


Come join us Thursday April 14th at 5p in the Grafton-Stovall Theatre to listen to sexologist Dr. Justine Shuey talk about healthy relationships, sex and consent, and communication!

Written by Special Events Committee Member Laura Modica