Top 10 Tips for Relationships

  1. “It’s fine” means it’s definitely not fine

Enough said.

  1. Always be honest

If there’s not honesty 100% of the time, then there’s no full trust in each other. Trust is essential to a strong foundation and relationship.

  1. Don’t spend every minute together

You need a life outside of them because if you put all your eggs in their basket, you’re screwed socially. Don’t neglect your friends!

  1. Be friends with each other’s friends

I mean, you’re most likely not going to like ALL of your partners’ friends but it may help you in the long run to just be friendly with them.

  1. Start weekly traditions.

By setting aside a day/time once a week to do something together! Try new things like roller blading or Kline’s dates?

  1. Talk it out

If you have an issue, bring it up in a calm manner. Don’t blow up at them because that leads to you both getting heated and not ending well.

  1. Don’t try too hard

If you have to try and spice it up all the time, then something is definitely missing.

  1. Be comfortable around each other.

This might take a time for a new relationship, but for a more established one you should feel at ease around them by being your true self. If you can’t handle hanging out with each other in sweats, some reevaluating would do you well.

  1. Compromise, compromise, compromise

Now, I am not saying give up everything that you love for the other but compromising is a key component for any relationship. Having that equal sacrifice between the two of you will make you appreciate the other person so much more.

  1. Be yourself

Never change your personality and quirks for another person because you will end up resenting the other person.


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Written by Special Events Committee Member Laura Modica

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