Ten Most Memorable Flula Moments

Comedian Flula Borg never ceases to surprise us. Here are ten of his most memorable moments.

  1. When Flula interprets Kim Kardashian’s Instagram comments from “dat a** doe” to “daddy’s dough” which to him means Kim’s dad is a baker.



  1. When he acted like a tiger and played the ukulele while interviewing Michael Phelps… who looked so uncomfortable.



  1. When he mocked “science” at the GQ Hangover Lab after they made him sit in an ice bath.


  1. When Flula used his platform for political humor and relevant puns.
  1. When Mamrie and Miranda Sings wore muscle body suits and guessed German words while Flula judged them.


  1. When he owned Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect 2 with his awesome comebacks.
  1. When he wore a fanny pack to the American Music Awards like a boss, BOOM!
  1. When he went on Comedy Central’s show @midnight and owned the #HashtagWars.
  1. In his popular vlog where he thought that a “party pooper” is someone that poops at parties in front of people.
  1. When he tweeted back at UPB to show us his excitement for next Friday!!!

Come see Flula Borg perform next Friday, Oct. 21st at Wilson Hall! Get your tickets at jmutickets.com. Students: presale $8, at the door $12. Public: presale $12, at the door $16. For no fee on the ticket you can purchase them at the convo box office.

Written by Spirit and Traditions Interactive Promotions Chair, Laura Modica




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