Five Relaxing Things You Can Do This Break

Stress of school getting you down? Have no fear! Break is here. Enjoy a week off with the help of these five relaxing tasks.

  1. Step up onto a curb

Relax by facing new challenges. You’re bound to run into a sidewalk at some point. Instead of walking parallel to the curb, try stepping onto it. The incoming traffic will thank you… and isn’t that just the reason for the season? 

  1. Take a sip of water

Nothing is more relaxing than hydration. This is a good one if you’re feeling a little parched. Feel free to take more than a sip, but don’t overexert yourself!

  1. Write a letter.

Many acclaimed writers confirm that writing letters is therapeutic, a cathartic experience that melts stress right off your bones. So pick up a pen and write a darned letter! My favorite is G.

  1. Kick some ice under the fridge.

If you’ve recently dropped some ice, give it your best David Beckham kick and send it spiraling under the fridge! It would be un-relaxing to pick it up.

  1.  Buy tickets for Smallpools, coming to Wilson on December 1st.

Smallpools will be the best night of your life, so treat your future self to the ultimate luxury. How relaxing! Once you realize this listicle was a marketing scam, give in to your capitalist urges and purchase a ticket HERE!

Have a relaxing break and avoid the insurmountable loads of homework!!

Written by Public Relations Director Leigh T. Harmer


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