Roy Wood Jr. on Diving into Comedy, the Super Bowl, Writing, and More!

Today I combatted my phone anxiety and called Roy Wood Jr. for a brief interview. Listen to the uncut version above, or read excerpts from some of my favorite responses below!

How are you? 

I’m doing good! It’s just another action-packed day in the life, packed with smiles and fun.

What’s your favorite part [of the day]? 

For me, the favorite part of all of this is writing. Cause to be able to sit down and craft a joke or point of view and present it to someone and have it connect, there’s no better feeling, you know? Laughter’s the best medicine. Humor is the one thing that connects us all. Laughter is universal in all languages. So to be able to connect with complete strangers on a train of thought, you know is completely awesome? And I get some people from time to time that I definitely did not connect with, in fact I opposite with connect with, I disconnect with, and that’s good, too. Because good content evokes emotion. So even if someone doesn’t like something I said on the show, or disagrees with something, I’m okay with it.

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What do you do when a joke doesn’t go well?
Write another joke! A joke doesn’t go good, that’s fine, I write another joke. If a joke goes well, you still gotta write another joke. No matter what, the one constant is writing. It’s the most important part of the process. If you look at your favorite sitcom… and you look at the actors. Look at the actors, and look at the writers of your shows that were on TV sitcom 20 years ago. And I promise you that there are more writers than actors still working. If you’re a writer, and youdo it well, you will be for a very long time.

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At what moment did you realize your comedy career took off? Like when did you decide “This is what I’m doing”. 

I probably, see I started at 19. So… it’s kinda one of those… I was naive enough to not know better about what I was doing. I just started doing stand-up. This is what I want to do, so I do it.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into comedy? 

Do it. Go to an open mic and watch. Comedy is not a swimming pool, you can’t tip-toe in. You just gotta run and canon ball.


Roy Wood Jr. will be performing in Wilson Hall on Friday, February 10th at 8p (doors open at 7p!).

Tickets for Roy Wood Jr. are available now HERE.

Photo by M. Kelly Wilt

Written by Leigh Taylor Harmer


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