Valentine Gift Guide: Potato Products

It’s that time of year again. “Love day” or whatever. You have no idea what to get your Valentine without spending too much money or getting boring heart-shaped chocolate-filled boxes. You can try to be much as a sweet potato as you can, but sometimes an actual gift is the way to go. UPB’s got your Valentine’s gift guide ready… POTATO EDITION.


This is for a valentine you’re not too crazy about but would rather have someone than be alone. Minimal effort required, low commitment. Maybe you should do some soul-searching…


Ever a fan of the classics, you can’t go wrong with the good ole’ shoestring. If your Valentine has been complaining about not knowing how to accessorize their chicken nuggets, then you’ve found the perfect gift for them.


Waffle fries
This is the potato equivalent of an engagement ring, so only provide these to the valentine you’re ready to get serious with. Try pairing them with something saucy.


Does your Valentine wake you up in the wee hours of the morning with the noise of rummaging through your personal belongings? Then this is a great potato choice for your early bird.


Curly fries
This is the perfect gift for your unique Aquarius*. Perfectly seasoned with a fun shape, the curly fry will satisfy your valentine’s need for adventure without leaving the drive-thru!

*or whatever star sign you’re buying for


Baked Potato
You piece this one together.


This is a flirtier version of hashbrowns. Want to find them for free? Bring your valentine to Fall in Love at Late Night Breakfast and cop those free tots. Thursday, February 16th in Festival.

Written by Leigh Harmer and Katie Miller


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