The Hidden Gem of Netflix

By: Jenny Lloyd and Claire Casalaspi



Are you bee enough to continue to read this blog post? The Bee Movie is one of those special films that allows us to connect with bees. Barry B. Benson proves to be not only our favorite bee of all time, but also the most relatable. We will  fly you through the 7  most relatable quotes that will have you “thinking bee”.

1. Are we koo-koo-kachoo kidding you? NO, we aren’t this is real, and you are reading this article.

2. When you like yellow and black but decide to wear black and yellow just to switch it up and so people don’t realize you’ve worn the same shirt that week already.


3. Trying to plan date night with bae like…


4. To those graduating this is probably the worst thing you have to do

raw (1).gif
5. What you wish you could tell your parents at the end of the semester

6. When you confidently shout out the wrong answer in class and everyone stares




7. Last but not least, the best pick up line since 2007

Now that we have you “thinking bee” go watch the movie… or see Fantastic Beeasts in Grafton tonight & Saturday at 7p & 9:30p



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