8 Thoughts About This Month’s Weather

By: Maggie McGowan and Makayla Cornwell

  1. Why am I sweating in February????

giphy (2).gif
THE BACK SWEAT IS BAAAACK! I’m supposed to be wearing 5 layers in February… what is happening? All I wanted to do was show off my new sweater and jeans that I got for Christmas but nope that just won’t work in this heat.

  1. When are we supposed to have snow days if it’s 70 degrees?!

I had big plans for this year’s snow days. Am I really expected to wait until next year to go sledding? Because that’s just not okay.

  1. So glad I wore shorts on this 30 degree day when I was told it would be in the upper 60s.
    giphy (3).gif

I was not prepared for this. SOS where is the warmth?! How am I supposed to know when the weather app is going to lie to me?

  1. Is it spring break yet?

sprang break.gif

Yes, I know I should be learning that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, but all I can think about is laying in my bed at home watching Netflix without feeling guilty.


giphy (4).gif

Let’s be real, this is honestly a blessing. Usually we only get the last few weeks of the spring semester to enjoy this free dog therapy, so this is the greatest gift anyone could ask for.



Was it necessary to repeat this? YES. It’s that important.

  1. My summer body is still under construction so I can’t be dressing for the warmth like this??!!!


Everyday is leg day at JMU, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m confident enough to show them off yet in those shorts. I was hibernating for the winter, sue me.

  1. The Earth is literally dying.
    giphy (5).gif

As wonderful as this weather has been, it’s hard to neglect the fact that climate change has caused this serious issue. We need to take care of our Mother Earth because once she’s gone, it’s over… THINK OF THE POLAR BEARS!!!


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