Put MAAP on Your Map

MAAP garage, short for Madison Automotive Apprentices, is a Porsche restoration shop/coffee shop located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Affiliated with James Madison University and is recognized as a JMU building. Address: 1070 Virgina Avenue MSC 4812 Harrisonburg, VA 22807. The owner of the facility is Cole Scrogham, a Porsche motorsport specialist that has acquired decades of track engineering experience, behind the scenes of Porsche production testing, and restoration of Porsche’s precise automotive engineering. Cole’s oldest son Michael Scrogham works alongside Cole with their restoration projects while also running the MAAP Coffee shop inside of the garage. MAAP Coffee shop is one of the best places to get any type of espresso drink. Michael is a 2016 JMU engineering alumni. His engineering capstone project that was done over the course of two years and focused on developing an energy efficient solar powered espresso machine. He continuously is developing his methods for producing high quality espresso drinks with new uncommon methods such as aeropress and pour overs. MAAP incorporates their years’ worth of Porsche engineering experience in all they do.

Cole Scrogham

MAAP garage is very young and still has plenty of room for growth. At the moment they provide focused institutes on specific subsystems in automotive mechanics for their students. As well as trying to provide internships with automotive experts. Right now they have a JMU engineering student working at MAAP as a paid intern to help them with their multiple restoration projects that they have laying around their garage. Cole sent 4 MAAP students to Amelia Island, Florida as an internship opportunity to work with auction experts of very expensive vehicles. They were able to get hands on experience with a wide range of rare vehicles that you most likely would never see driving on the roads today. The opportunities opening up at MAAP are just getting started and are very undervalued at the moment. I believe within the next few years MAAP will make James Madison University the number one option for students interested in the professional motorsport field.

madison automotive apprentices pic


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