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Luna Lovegood: Lucid or Lunatic?

In a world of three-headed dogs, dragons, unicorns, and werewolves, is it logical to believe in other creatures like nargles and wrackspurts? Does Luna Lovegood deserve being called ‘Loony Lovegood,’ or is she just as bright at Hermione Granger?

Personally, I love Luna Lovegood. She is a kind, intelligent character who always has the right thing to say. She provides a different perspective during times of hardship. A time that really sticks out in my mind is when she calls Dobby “sir.” Luna is a pureblood wizard, and she treats Dobby like another wizard without even giving it a second thought. House elves are usually treated as less than people, even by Sirius Black. Luna’s kindness shows in so many ways, but so does her amazing intelligence.

Luna is a close match in intelligence with Hermione. Rowling said, “She’s slightly out-of-step in many ways, but she’s the anti-Hermione. Hermione’s so logical and inflexible in so many ways, and Luna is likely to believe ten impossible things before breakfast.” Luna is a true Ravenclaw in many mays. Ravenclaw values intelligence as well as wisdom, wit, and creativity. Luna is clever sometimes, but it is really her outside-the-box thinking which sets her apart as a Ravenclaw: She came up with the idea to ride the Thestrals to the Ministry, so they wouldn’t draw people’s attentions; she led Harry to one of the Horcruxes and when answering the riddle ‘which came first, the Phoenix or the flame” to get into the Ravenclaw common room, she demonstrates her ability to think differently. Her answer was, ‘a circle has no beginning.”

Luna may be a bit ‘loony,’ but that is what makes her truly belong to Ravenclaw.

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