Is Hollywood Out Of Original Ideas?

Lately, it seems like all that is playing in theatres are remakes of classic movies. I don’t know about you, but I’m over it, and I want some new and original ideas. As a consumer and a viewer, I am tired of seeing new renditions of my favorite movies. I decided to write a blog post about this after hearing classmates, friends, and family discussing the same issue and felt the same way I did! Recent remakes of movies include Jumanji (2018), Tomb Raider (2018), and Freaky Friday (2018). My feelings aren’t enough to fill a blog post, so I decided to do some research on why so many remakes are coming to theatres.

“Why Is Hollywood Producing So Many Damn Remakes”   https://mashable.com/2014/10/09/hollywood-film-remakes/#kFPurDCtfsqd

Excuse the language, but this article was a great resource into why so many remakes are being made. I took the main points of the article and shortened it, for your convenience Remakes work and have proved to be successful.

  • While the ratings are lower than the original movies, the total grossing of remakes are much higher.
  • Remakes are a safe bet to make. No risk of an audience not liking the plot.
  • International audiences want to see more remakes.
  • Licensing to characters. Other companies own licenses to characters, so to maintain that license they have to make remakes of movies. (EX: Spider-Man)


Why Hollywood’s Obsession With Remakes and Sequels Need To Die”  https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qbxq77/end-the-hollywood-sequel-franchise-beetlejuice-indiana-jones

These article titles are insanely aggressive! While this article focused on both remakes and sequels, I’ll be focusing on the portion written regarding remakes. This article was filled with much more emotion regarding remakes, mainly negative emotions. Personally, I dig this article, it put my emotions about remakes into actual words. Again, I will be shortening the main points of the article.

  • Remakes are never very good.
  • Remakes are destructive regurgitation.
  • Remakes are disrespectful to cinema.
  • We as a society should not allow remakes to consume cinema.

“What’s driving the resurgence of reboots, remakes and revivals in TV and film”   https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/driving-resurgence-reboots-remakes-revivals-tv-film/story?id=47645549

This article is similar to the first one I added, very informative. It gives readers more insight into the motives behind Hollywood, rather than focusing on the emotions of consumers. You already know I shortened those points.

  • Remakes are making a resurgence and becoming more prevalent in shows and movies.
  • Defines remakes: Older story line with fresh faces.
  • Risk averse strategy, or relying on plots that viewers have already seen.
  • It is easier to draw a crowd to a movie, where the ticket price has increased, if they know what the plot will be like.
  • We notice more remakes because there is more advertising.
  • Remakes draw in a dedicated audience, and new age groups.

Asking A Bigger Population*

For data from young adults I took to Twitter, tweeting the following: “Hey guys please vote and retweet so I can get some data! What type of films would you rather watch?”. Asking people to retweet the poll allowed more access a more diverse range of people, getting answers from different high schools and colleges.The two options listed were “Remakes of movies” and “New and original films”. I deleted the poll after receiving exactly one hundred votes, and found out that 87% of people would rather watch “New and original films”, with 13% voting that they would rather watch “remakes of movies”. From this poll, it seems that the majority of people agree with me, we want to see original ideas instead of remakes!

*My twitter account and the content included does not reflect the views of JMU University Program Board.

media for blog on hollywood


After researching Hollywood’s obsession with remakes, I can conclude that it is strictly because they want money. However, Hollywood trying to make a quick buck is angering their audiences. Hollywood’s main reasoning behind the increase in producing remakes was because it brought in a dedicated audience, but that same dedicated audience is starting to resent the remakes. The younger age groups seem to agree with my opinion and want less remakes and new original ideas, proving Hollywood wrong once again. Hear your viewers and consumers out Hollywood, enough with the remakes!



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