Spirit and Traditions

JMU Majors As Onesies

Late Night Breakfast returns this week, and UPB has you covered with the perfect Onesies to match your major as the perfect accessory for “Wake Me Up for LNB”. With fall just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking comfort and warmth, and these onesies definitely fit the bill! Did we miss your major? Find the perfect onesie to compliment your major and share with us on Twitter @UPB!

English Majors

 owl onesie

Owls represent wisdom and knowledge. English and foreign language majors spend hours in the library diving into various literature pieces and gain a vast array of knowledge.

Hospitality Management

Pineapple Onesie

Pineapples are a fun print that represent the welcoming spirit that hospitality management majors need.

STEM Majors

JMU Onesie

19% of JMU students study some form of a science related major, so it’s only fitting that the JMU onesie represents the math and science departments.


Camo Onesie

Although it isn’t considered a major, a large portion of students participate in the ROTC program, and an army camo onesie is the comfy version of what you’d find an ROTC student running around in.


Money Onesie

The school of business encompasses accounting, analytics, CIS, economics, international business, management, marketing and finance essentially all ways to make that money post-grad which is why they should have the money onesie.


Minion Onesie

These students can always be caught running around with their cameras or a paper and pen to catch the latest news of students around campus.

Political Science

Flag Onesie

Political science majors are passionate about the country and civically engaged so the American Flag is the perfect onesie for this major.